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I'm a beginner. I can catch the disc sometimes, but don't ask me to throw!
I can throw backhand passes, but I'm still learning forehand passes, and I still drop the disc regulary.
I can throw short passes into open space, but I still drop the disc when under pressure.
I can throw long and short passes into open space and can sometimes break the force.
I can break the force consistently and some of my hucks aren't that bad.
I can put the disc anywhere on the field with hucks, upsides, scoobers and push-passes.
Tactical level * 
I'm a beginner. It takes me 5 minutes to understand when a turnover happens!
I mess up the force sometimes and don't fully understand stack and/or handler movements.
I can follow basic tactics and keep the game flowing.
I can follow advanced tactics (offensive/defensive zone, isolation, etc.) and keep the game flowing.
I have a good knowledge of both offensive and defensive tactics, and I can suggest them to my teammates.
I know how to play. In addition to my own game, I can help out my teammates, create space and anticipate the action.
Fitness level * 
I'm out of shape, and I never really run.
I'm not very fit, and I'm really slow when I run.
I can run from time to time at a moderate speed.
I'm okay but nothing special. A lot of people are faster than me.
I'm in good shape, and I'm usually one of the fastest of my team.
I'm Superman! I'm always running when I'm on the field, and no one can keep up with me!
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